About me?

Well how can I put down so many years in a few sentences…? Well I cant! All I can’t think of are little things that describe me. Cranky, loud, bold, workaholic, Greek and I think that all things in life are two choices: 0 or 1!!

But hey I’m fun to work with and on top of that i’m a programmer/developer/manager, very keen on new technologies on web and very interested on how the web will involve and how can I fit into that.

Of course I do have a great interest on the media as well, as I was working for years behind the scenes of a TV station and a production team, co-produced a short film with Ian McLean, back in Paisley, called “Mary Mary”, and involved in his project “OneWorldOneMinute”… and because i was so interested in multimedia I ended up taking an Msc in Multimedia Communications after my degree..

Since i got back from UK, I worked as chief developer , as an IT director, as a project manager and various other related positions and I do love what I do(yap I know it sounds a little bit strange, doesn’t it?)

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Anyway, basically I was always a fan of the idea to share your thoughts and be able to communicate on so many ways, to be able to listen and give things from and to others

I will attempt to write down a few things I’ve learned over the years and maybe post some code that could be helpful to others.. hope it will 🙂

Under no circumstances my opinions and articles that are written here, represent or express comments and opinions from my current employer.

If you are interested for a freelance project do not hesitate to contact me.