Image upload with AS3 mac problem fix

Tue, Apr 27, 2010

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I hit my head several times on the wall before I found out why browsers on MAC dont work exactly as browsers on windows, after uploading a file via Flash.

the reason is simple : on MAC the browsers never calls onComplete = function(fileRef:FileReference) {}. Which means that the image is uploaded alright, but the flash app never gets a response back that the file has finished uploading.

All you have to do is , on your php/aspx/apsx/py or whatever server side file is handling your file upload from flash, you need to print something at the end of uploading.

for example in php, you could print the word : completed.

print "completed";

you can print whatever word you want, it doesnt matter, all that matters is that the server side file is printing something (After the upload has finished) and browsers on mac platforms, will pick up on that , and your file upload will work!

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