How to Remove Grub loader and get windows 7 boot loader back (uninstalling Linux)

Sun, Oct 28, 2012


I like playing around with different distros of Linux , till i find a flavor that suits me. I’m on the way of installing Max OSx into my windows machine and see how that is gonna go. But for now i need to get rid of the Fedora installation that i had earlier.

The problem was that i did not wait to do it the proper way and deleted while in Windows the partition that i had Fedora in, thus the Grub loader went funky asking for instructions on grub rescue. I was like.. huh?

so i had to fix the MBR for windows so as to boot back normally.

All you need is the installation of Windows 7 dis or Upgrade sisk.

1. Boot from your Windows CD
2. enter the date/time/language details click next
3.Check Repair your computer
4. Choose your operating system that you want to repair (hopefully you have only one, and probably a pc freak to have more than one)
5. You are now in the System recovery options, select Command Prompt
6. Type : Bootrec.exe /FixMbr and ENTER
7. If you see Operation complted successfully you are good to go. Reboot
8. Windows 7 loader is back again you can go around and try to mess it up again.

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