Google talking about HTML 5 and the Mobile Web

Wed, Apr 8, 2009

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The Google Mobile folks talked about the new Gmail Mobile launch that uses HTML 5 technology to speed up the experience, and work offline.

On the developer side of the house we get to see a little teaser of what the team will be sharing with us:

Of course we didn’t get there without a few hard knocks. As an evolving standard, HTML5 has been fast-changing target and we’ve skinned our knees and bruised ourselves along the way. So rather than just deliver the fruit of all those bumps and scratches to end users in our own products, we decided we wanted to write a few blog posts to share what we’ve learned so that others can take advantage of HTML5 as well.

Great to see the mobile Web continue to merge as just One Web, and I look forward to hearing from the trenches on issues the team ran into, so we can learn from them.

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