Microsoft patents ad system that will do what? ..spy on us

Tue, Jul 17, 2007

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and as i was browsing i fell into this…the patent that Microsoft has filed for an ad system that is working locally on your pc and records data…

An advertising framework registers context data sources and advertising display clients from a variety of resources on a local computer. The ad framework may then receive context data and display triggers from the registered context data sources. The context data and display triggers may be processed and an advertising request generated and sent to an external advertising source. Non-advertising content may also be supported. When a targeted advertisement is received in response, a display manager may send the ad to an appropriate display client. When the ad has been presented a the advertising framework will communicate to the advertising supplier who may apportion and credit advertising revenue to the participating parties.

I mean have mercy. What they actually suggest is that a local search engine will actually search on our files for any keywords that might bring any sort of relevance with any ads and send that over the network so ads can be displayed in our desktop. They suggest that instead of interacting with the server, data will be retrieved locally and then get data from the server.

"An e-mail client may specify that ads from competitors must be excluded, that its own display client must be used… (that) no more than 4 ads per hour are allowed, and that only text or graphical… advertisements are supported.

Ok so basically you don’t have control over your software but ads do. I’m horrified at the thought that modern OS systems will be sponsored in the future by big advertising companies and suddenly Microsoft will sell Vista for e.g. for 100$ less if you let it spy on you…
Its not that this age of advertising has the trend to try and sneak in our systems. for example widgets are a form of the modern Trojan horse in our pc, where we think that the only thing that they do is receiving data where they can with a simple algorithm to send data from our pc at the same time. I mean what are you going to do about it, if everything happens with http requests, like you do with your browser, and wont notice the slightest difference ?
I’m not against intelligent ads , that they can be relevant to my profile, but i want to be able to give that profile and not been taken "automatically" from me….


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