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Tue, Jun 16, 2009

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This is another interesting project that I did. AboutHifi.com is targeted to people that are extremely interested in sound and everything that is related to it: from space speakers to extreme ways of listening to music. To put it in abouthifi words :

Abouthifi.com is a new vehicle for the modern highways of information, with its highest priority to respect the value of reproduced sound through electronic devices which honor our musical senses.

abouthifi portal by baldpixelDesign: BroadPress
Production: BroadPress
Client: BroadPress
Published: 10/6/2009
Developers Jargon: Site is based on a custom CMS featuring multiple functionalities for the admin users, such as ability to enter and shape texts and images in all pages, ability to create articles with dates, ability to create searchable content, ability to input images in certain places as well as the ability to enter text and images in both languages supported by the site without leaving the admin tool and entering another one. All the above are simple in task, but the innovation here is the way the structure is maintained throughout the site and that is portable : ) . The architecture had to be based solely in the design given and not consult how certain parts could be displayed. Well the result either way is cool and I would suggest to anyone that is interested in this area to take a look ; )
abouthifi portal by baldpixel

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