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Fri, Aug 28, 2009

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VoIP is everywhere and is easy to get. This is one of my projects about it. The service has an excellent voice quality of transmission over IP and has many possibilities as far as it concerns businesses.

This is a complete e-commerce solution custom made for Northwest Communications.

Design: Aslanoglou.com
Production: AslanoglouBaldpixel
Client: Northwest Communications
Published: 5/5/2008
Developers Jargon: This is a custom e-commerce solution that has a Backoffice which gives the ability to the administrators to manage efficiently products, images, articles,customers,orders,pool of Tel Numbers. Lot of thought was given to the functionallity of the site which is mostly Ajax based. This experiment turned out good for the customers (positive feedback) but bad for the spiders and other bots. The integration of Ajax is more than it should be for the search engines but that is corrected with links and content accessible from other sources (eg pages can be accessed from direct links). Order process however is purelly based on Ajax and the process turns out to be quicker for the customer, which is a good thing I suppose for the customer and the publisher. Well I guess the lesson here is the analogy of Ajax used in a e-commerce site, which needs to be used only on areas where user needs fast actions and responses

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