why you rent your actual data and you dont know about it

Sat, Jan 5, 2008

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I was reading this interesting post about how Scobleizer was erased and got back online again from Facebook.
Probably this is a conversation that has been around for a while, about how our personal data are public and who actually owns your personal data. Actually on the web you only own your intellectual information and not actually your data which is used in many forms so can machines read it and interpret it for the humans to read.
For example, you just decided that you wanted to start a blog on wordpress.com , or upload a video on youtube, or publish your pictures to Flicker , but you don’t wanna pay a penny for doing that, cause you believe that half of the staff that is out there on the web is free. Why do you believe that this freedom comes with no cost? Has the history have taught you, so far, that free comes actually free ? I have news for all famous bloggers out there and web 2.0 evangelists..

Nothing is free

Scobleizer ends his post by saying:

Call me a sucker for letting other companies control my data. But, probably, so are you. Welcome to the world where you don’t really own your data. Hope you never get erased.

Yes we are letting other companies control our data because that’s that we accept, before we start anything on the web that we want others to hear. Of course you don’t own your actual data but only your intellectual. Your actual data can be erased for any given reason at any given moment by the company that you are actually renting your intellectual data to them ! It sounds a bit flat, but it isn’t. Even those we say they have their own hosting, do exactly the same thing. Their actual data is not on their machine, and on most hosting providers no one is going to give you back your actual data if it has been erased, unless if you have been genius enough to back it up, and you have signed that they have the right to do it.
So why exactly are you frustrated ? is it because your online identity can actually be erased from everywhere in the web and you can’t do anything about it ? Well you have giventhem the right to do it and you can’t complain.
What they can’t do is use this data for their benefit and other companies so they can exploit you. That you haven’t signed for, of course, but how do you know or better how are you going to find out that your data have not been exploited? To my opinion 80% of the online community they will never find out, because they won’t be bothered and they can’t understand as to what value, can your smallest personal details (e.g. you going out with your friends on a famous bar), can be this information, but they will protest and complain when the company that your are renting your actual data decides to erase them, when they haven’t figured out one simple thing. Nothing is for free
I end my post saying :
Yes I agree, I hope I never get erased, but this is to my knowledge from the moment I utilize some service that has been provided to me ….. and this service has some drawbacks, because its free.

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