YouTube and Vimeo turn on HTML5 video tag

Mon, Mar 1, 2010

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At Google I/O the team showed a demo of YouTube running video right in the browser, instead of in the rectangle of Flash.

Now, that URL takes you to the beta, which you can opt-in too. I am torn on what to write on this showcase though…. so, especially since it is Friday, here are two takes:

Open Web Advocate

It is fantastic to see a massive site – the poster child of Flash video – implement HTML5 video. If you want to piss of an Adobean ask them “how do you feel about YouTube folks making millions off of the back of your work. Surely you got a bunch of license money… oh wait.”

This is the first step for YouTube, and now that video is a native experience in the browser they can innovate in really interesting ways.

One bonus feature for trying the beta: “Videos with ads are not supported” 🙂

The Other Guy

It is great to see YouTube showing off HTML5 support, however you will notice that it only works in the Safari/Chrome world (saying it works in IE via ChromeFrame is cheating) due to the fact that YouTube only supports H.264 and hasn’t done Ogg. Sure it would take a lot to get Ogg support at that scale, but it would also help the cause a lot.

When you test it at this early stage you also see that there isn’t HD support or much of the other features of the Flash player, so instead of showing off how the experience can be better….. it is in catch up mode. Features such as full screen aren’t even an option yet of course. We need to move faster.

I am looking forward how things play out over time. What guy are you today?

NOTE: Vimeo are turning on support too, also H.264 only.

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