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Sat, Feb 6, 2010

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Project – eshop

Northwest Communications has launched as part of their services. Winshop was created with the latest eshop abilities to view products from the tech industry.

This is not my latest project, since is up and running successfully since May 2009. I have to start posting more frequently.!
This is a custom e-commerce solution, made exclusively for NorthWest Communications.

Design: Iordanis Aslanoglou
Production: Aslanoglou Baldpixel
Client: Northwest Communications
Published: 20/5/2009
Developers Jargon: It has a backoffice that supports multiple users, supports multiple product characteristics , advanced taxonomy and custom views. There has been a lot of searching for the optimal way to support multiple tags for product characteristics, due the complexity of the task. InnoDB tables were used and were monitored after launch in order to check how optimal is the implementation. Jquery was used for the UI of the customer for some tasks like Updating profile, completing an order and so on.
The performance turned out to be good since along with all the queries, dynamically generated XMLs were created to publish products on other sites. Lesson to be learned from this development: I’m happy that I did not use Drupal or some other E-commerce platform , where most  of the backend tasks could not be supported easily.

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